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Horizon 850 ironer

Standard configuration includes:

  • 850mm Soft-Sided Roller
  • Fold away for easy storage
  • Adjustable speed
  • 5 temperatures

15 kg/h


year warranty

Variable speed with steam for quick and easy ironing. Ideal for medium and smaller size laundry rooms. Automatic steam with 60-minute steam capacity, open ends to rollers, variable temperature control and foot pedal operation.

Collapses to vertical position for storage, castors for easy movement, large catching area for ironed laundry, minimum of maintenance. Roller width 850mm (33.5"), working height 840mm (33"), ironing width 820mm (32"), effective shoe diameter 85mm (3.34"), roller pressure 600N, specific roller pressure 0.9N per square centimetre, ironing speed 1.25 to 3.58 metres per minute.

Thermostatic temperature control, heating power 2.2 kilowatt, steam boiler power 1 kilowatt, boiling capacity 1.3 litres, steaming time 60 minutes. 90-watt motor, total power input 3.3 kilowatt.


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