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Professional Washing Machines

Professional washing machines from Group Dynamics are designed to be fast, reliable, economic and provide consistent service. If you’re in the hospitality, residential industry or any organization that requires professional washing machines, you’ll understand the importance of high quality commercial laundry equipment. You need something you can rely on - not only to work solidly for large amounts of linen and clothing items, but also washing machines that will produce clean results.

Your need machinary that can work constantly without losing its quality to wash, which can take everything from small delicate items to larger loads and still produce perfectly clean results. Our premium range of industrial washing machines are sourced from world class manufacturers and brands such as Primus, Alliance, Schulthess and Speed Queen.

Go into business with a partner that you can rely on!

Primus RX520
washer / extractor

												  Primus RX520washer / extractor
  • 380-415/50/60/3 +N
  • QED Select - 60 cycle- Fully Programmable, Graphic Display
  • Gravity drain valve2x76
  • Commercial washer hardmount 52kg
  • Medium spin 441rpm
  • Electrically heat

52 Kg


year warranty