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Horizon NF3JLBSG403UT01 washing machine (gravity drain)

Standard configuration includes:

  • Stainless Steel Top
  • Quantum Gold+
  • Electric heating
  • 380-400 V / 50 Hz / 3 ph.
  • Gravity drain valve

9.5 Kg


year warranty

■ The NF3JLBSG403UT01 washer with a gravity drain is another one of the most popular – and most versatile – laundry machines on the market. Designed for larger load capacity and greater energy efficiency, it can help you save money on utilities and labour costs while giving you the best quality wash, in every wash. Whether you need manual auditing of cycle counts or just want the convenience of larger drum sizes and improved water savings, you’ll soon find that this machine offers something for everyone. The washer can also be supplied as a stacked unit NT3JLASP403UW01 for better use of smaller spaces.

 Low water consumption
The washers keep water consumption to a minimum and save therefore more than 40% compared to some commercial washers.

 Clean results
The horizontal design gives increased contact between clothes, water and detergents for superior cleaning results. Furthermore, it shortens the cycle times. Heavy-duty design: improved durability. Rugged steel drive components (pulley, trunnion, tub, shaft and bearings) and stainless steel inner and outer tubs result in an improved durability. The heavy-duty design means years of reliable service for you.

 Easy to maintain
Front serviceable to minimise any downtime.


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