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Trace-Tech Wash Management System

Trace-Tech is a laundry management tool predominetly produced to assist in helping to reduce the possibility of Bio-contamination within healthcare laundries.

Trace-Tech has been developed especially to give clear visual indications and save all wash process data in memory and allows a print-out to be made, if necessary

Trace-Tech contains functions to ensure that the wash cycle has completed correctly.
- ensuring correct wash times and temperatures
- ensuring correct usage of water
- ensuring correct levels of detergent
- ensuring correct mechanical wash action

The Trace-Tech program allows the user to create reports and graphs with a personalized header.

Each wash cycle and Batch is traceable via a unique ID number.

A RTC (real time clock) is provided with the Trace-Tech package and when fitted to the washing machines programmer stores "real time" information.

This is also available as a retrofit system.