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Online laundry equipment

Online laundry equipment

21st century digital technology bringing endless options and opportunities for business owners around the world. The Internet has brought almost all technologies online and at our finger tips 24/7. One of these industries is now the Laundry Industry. Starting from small multi-housing laundries to bigger public launderettes and dry cleaning shops. Online connectivity helps to run your business much more efficiently.

With the ability to connect laundry equipment wirelessly or with other comunication protocols nowdays all your laundry locations can be on one Cloud Server, which gives customers the option to control machines remotely, including machine programing, monitoring and diagnosis equipment from any Internet-connected smart phone or computer, anytime... any place.

Our online system is constantly scanning the laundry machinery 24/7, giving only real time information, including, financial information, statistics, sending warnings and errors notifications as well as running routine diagnostics to effectively manage your maintenance costs.

The benefits of installing an online launderette are tremendous! 

For the owner/manager:

  • Quick and easy to setup "Happy hours", "Discount plans" & "Promotions"
  • Payment notifications & settlement reports
  • Receiving payments instantly into a bank account
  • Advanced dryer and washer pricing features
  • Instant payment notifications and daily activity statements e-mailed
  • Customer insights email database gathered
  • Real time pricing flexibility
  • Real-time performance analytics
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Increased cycles per day
  • Store administration portal
  • Option to download a report of all collections and commissions payments, updated daily
  • Receive a comprehensive report of all service requests, including location, date and time of request, type of equipment and problem
  • Reaching more customers

For Service & Technical departments:

One of the most important parts of servicing machininary is to know about a problem before it appears. Sometimes it can happen where a problem has occured and effective repairs is required immediately. How to know exactly what the problem is and how to quickly resolve it?

Our Online Laundry Cloud Solution has the answers. It scans all aspects of the machines data & performance 24/7. Statistics, Machine statuses and errors are recorded for immediate review.

If an error has occured then you can look up the error code for assistance in resolving the problem remotely. It may also give crucial information what must be checked and which spare parts should be taken by the technican to effect repairs.

Predictive / preventive maintenance plans are recommended by all the laundry equipment manufacturer. This information is automatically monitored giving alerts to service personnel indicating that a part is due for checking. Online Laundry Cloud Service manipulates the machine's data, helping to analyze and calculate why when and what may happen.

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