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Operate your business completely online !


Suitable sectors include: 
* Multi housing
* University accommodation
* Holiday parks
* Launderettes / Laundromats
* Military bases
* Hotels "Guest laundry"
* Caravan & camping sites

* Click here to see Demo video

Check out the mobile version:

Works on smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and kiosk terminals.

The system is powered by "Reactor software", which has been successfully working now for over 5 years. 58 sites in 6 countries. Hundreds of machines. Tens of thousands of happy customers. All the data to help your business grow and glow with "Proven technology".

Multiple payment options, reduced coin collecting, saves time and hassle, lets you focus on running your business.You will enjoy many benefits. You can opt to go completely cashless or have a mix of both coin & online payments. Your loyalty programs will be much easier to manage as you can setup loyalty customer pricing to automatically work on the times you specify in advance. Our high efficiency programs can help protect the environment by reducing water, detergent and energy use significantly.

For the Customer:
* Machine reservation, cycle selection and seamless online payments from any "online" smart phone
* Change default language. Languages being updated periodically
* Laundry planner calendar for guaranteed washing periods
* End of cycle notifications
* Wide range of payment options (including Paypal, student ID cards, tokens and cash)
* Machine availability notification
* Customer loyalty programs
* Touch-screen kiosk version available
* Online help for users through the APP
* Automated invoice generation

For Owners & Management:
* Bespoke colour branding and company info on APP
* Quick and easy to setup "Happy hours", "Discount plans" & "Promotions"
* Machine branded with your name and company colour scheme
* Payment notifications & settlement reports
* Receive payments instantly into your bank account
* Advanced dryer and washer pricing features
* Instant payment notifications and daily activity statements e-mailed
* Customer insights email database gathered
* Real time pricing flexibility
* Real-time performance analytics
* Enhanced User Interface
* Increased cycles per day
* Store administration portal
* Download a report of all collections and commissions payments, updated daily
* Receive a comprehensive report of all service requests, including location, date and time of request, type of equipment and problem
* Reach more customers

For the Service Department:
* Remote machine start
* Remote machine program editing and modification tool
* Real time alerting machine error alerts
* Machine servicing scheduler based on usage - a tool for preventitive maintenence
* Technical documentation is available through the service application to aid a quick repair
* Change machine parameters - e.g. water levels, temperatures, cycle times etc
* Advanced machines cycle
* Remote management for output signals for detergent dosing equipment
* Place a machine "Out of Order" remotely with coin lock-out

Laundry equipment:
* Available in single or stacked formats
* One phase or three phase electricity
* With or without coin mechanism
* Electrically heated
* Serviceable from the front
* Computer controlled
* Pump or gravity drainage

The system can be setup for an appointed Service engineer to receive notifications (in real time) by either SMS or e-mail. This will provide info on the error, as well as giving a brief description of how to resolve this problem. They will know of the problem probably before the customer does!! Service departments can scrutinize the usage logs and statistics on any machine connected to the system from a smart phone / laptop and make various diagnostics remotely before a decision is made to make an on-site service call - thus saving valuable time and money!

Reactor management software provides in-depth reporting to give you a comprehensive look at machine specifications as well as valuable business information. Understand your output average totals, turns per day and revenue details to make smart, informed business decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

The system provides another solution to universities and large apartments by making it easier for residents to do laundry and provides a marketable service that sets you apart from the competition.

Think of Reactor software as your stores manager. With the ability to wirelessly connect to all your laundry locations together, you can program, monitor and diagnose your equipment from any Internet-connected smart phone or computer, anytime and anywhere. Plus, the control system sends up to 40 warnings and errors and runs routine diagnostics to manage maintenance expenses, and it offers store and revenue reports to help you optimize your financial performance. With minimal employees to manage everyday tasks, you can greatly increase your profitability.

Laundry equipment can be setup with both cash and on-line payment options; such as online banking, credit card payments. Especially useful for environments like University accommodation and Holiday parks.

Wireless Networking
The system can be wirelessly networked without the need for cables. What that means for you is that you can program, monitor, audit and diagnose machines from any Internet-linked computer or smart phone, anywhere in the world. With up-to-the-minute data on store activity, you can make the most informed business decisions regarding pricing, service needs, advertising and promotions.

This system is constantly monitored by Reactor monitoring software, providing unique benefits for users, administration, management and service departments.

Remote cycle programming and editing
Reactor software allows you to remotely edit program cycles, this used in conjunction with the real time statistics and log files proves to be an invaluable tool for streamlining the washing operation. This could be implemented in conjunction with automatically setting prices for predefined times and days of the week. For example; in peak periods, when the laundry is very busy the prices could be higher than those in quieter periods.

Auto Shutdown Assistant
The software also allows you to shut down all your machines automatically at certain predetermined time periods that you specify. This ensures that last loads are completed within the store's posted hours. Store attendants are then able to leave as scheduled, eliminating overtime pay from your operating costs.

Today’s students are, by far, the most technically savvy generation ever. They care about convenience. They care about innovation. They care about the environment too. An online campus laundry program can impress on all levels. We can literally change the way students look at laundry thanks to innovations like wash-mate, which lets them check machine availability over the Internet. Students can go online to the website from any location and see when a washer or dryer is available, determine when they should put their clothes in the dryer and get notified by email / SMS when their laundry is done.

There are also a cashless payment system available, using online banking, credit card payments and especially for Universities accommodation we have implemented an option for the students to use their existing smart cards to do their laundry.


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