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Operate your business completely online!

Group Dynamics closely cooperates with WASH-PAL which offers next level cloud laundromat solutions for business owners who run one or multiple laundries and want to be aware of the situation in their laundries 24/7. Each solution is a modern tool or system that can significantly boost efficiency for any type of commercial laundry. Starting from laundry equipment monitoring, to technical help and cashless laundromat solutions.

REACTOR software is a next generation laundry monitoring tool that is up and running 24/7 and is invaluable solution for any business owner with multiple laundries. REACTOR is great for small laundry owners who want one too, that can increase efficiency of their business. The software includes starting and stopping a machine remotely and can save valuable time and resources, especially in a long run.

  • machine setup
  • real-time and historical cycle records
  • full remote interaction with each machine
  • e-mail notifications
  • errors history
  • SMART information derived from accumulated online data

WASH-MATE is a cashless payment system for laundromats and OPL (on-premise laundromats). The system monitors thewashing progress and sends notifications by SMS or e-mail 7 minutes before the end of cycle. It is possible to pay by payment card, PayPal or online bank transfer, or existing smart cards option for students who live in dormitory.

e-Pay laundry

Cashless payment system is in ideal solution for apartment blocks and universities. No need to deal with cash issues, like no available coins on spot or jams that adds up valuable time anddecreases possible earnings.

Another online solution LaundryReSTART provides 100% online controllability for self-service laundry operations. This complete solution suits almost all laundry business owners across any industry: laundromats, apartment housing, restaurants, professional care, hospitals, and various institutions where any human interaction results in need for cleaning or laundry services.

It is important to note that dealing with cash is getting more and more expensive and require special security. Imagine all those risks involved: robbery, theft, counterfeiting, as well as labor costs and inevitable human error cases which adds up costs of running an efficient business. Digital payment system not only eliminates these risks and increases efficiency, but greatly enhances the eventual earnings and profits on future washing and drying operations.