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Operate your business completely online!

Welcome to Group Dynamics, proud partners with WASH-PAL, revolutionizing the laundry industry with cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions for both single and multi-laundry businesses. Our innovative tools empower you with enhanced efficiency and 24/7 monitoring of laundry equipment, technical support, and seamless cashless payment options.

At the heart of our offerings lies REACTOR software - an advanced laundry monitoring tool operating seamlessly round the clock. Ideal for business owners overseeing multiple laundries, REACTOR lets you remotely initiate and halt machines, saving you precious time and resources. It's also the perfect solution for smaller laundry businesses aiming to boost efficiency. Through our collaboration with WASH-PAL, we're here to elevate your laundry operations to new heights.

  • Easy machine setup
  • Real-time and historical cycle records
  • Full remote interaction with each machine
  • E-mail notifications
  • Errors history
  • SMART insights derived from accumulated online data

In addition, we offer WASH-MATE - a cashless payment system designed for laundromats and on-premise laundry facilities. No need for cash - simply use your payment card, PayPal, or online bank transfer for a convenient, secure, and efficient payment experience. For students in dormitories, your existing smart card works seamlessly with WASH-MATE, ensuring hassle-free payments.

Progress tracking and notifications via SMS or email, alerting you 7 minutes before cycle completion.

Say farewell to the inconvenience of carrying cash and embrace a smoother, more secure way to pay for your laundry.

e-Pay laundry

For the ultimate cashless convenience in laundry payments, our e-Pay laundry system is an ideal fit for apartment blocks and universities. Bid adieu to coin-related hassles and machine jams, saving you time and boosting potential earnings.

Embrace LaundryReSTART, another online solution providing complete control over your self-service laundry operations. Tailored for a variety of businesses, including laundromats, apartments, restaurants, healthcare, and more, LaundryReSTART ensures seamless management of your laundry services.

Dealing with cash can be costly and risky. From theft and labor costs to human errors, the risks associated with cash handling are substantial. Opting for a digital payment system eliminates these risks, increases efficiency, and paves the way for higher earnings and profits from your laundry operations. Choose Group Dynamics and WASH-PAL for a smarter, safer, and more profitable laundry experience.

Join us in embracing a cashless future for laundry services.

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