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Speed Queen SF
Commercial Washing Machine

Speed Queen SF

Default Configuration Includes:

  • Commercial washer extractor
  • Quantum Gold+
  • 400/50/3N
  • Electric heating
  • Gravity drain valve
  • Soap injection

10 kg

2 year warranty


• Stainless steel outer and inner drum
• Industry-leading 440 G-Force extraction removes more moisture, minimizing drying times and utility costs
• Totally freestanding: can be installed on any floor and any level
• Suspension with new out-of-balance logic
• Soap box with four compartments
• Door opens 180° for easy loading and unloading
• Standard with drain pump, optional drain valve available
• Top and front panel available in Stainless steel
• Electrical heating or boiler-fed
• Soap supply injection allows easy connection with liquid soap pumps
• Longer lifetime: at least 15,000 cycles

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Speed Queen SF Commercial Washing Machine