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Primus / Lavamac Graphitronic® programmer


• Graphitronic® has a “state of the art” Graphic display that provides unlimited possibilities.
• Microprocessor with no limits for setting up washing parameters allows changes to be made to wash times, water levels, program steps, as well as the important option of adding extra steps for specialised washing processes.
• Easy interface for detergent dosing and water recycling ancillary equipment.
• Possibility to fit up to eight chemical supply pumps to the washing machine. The computer allows flexibility for either direct control of the pumps or just an output signal.
• Up to 99 different washing processes can be preset into the computers memory. This allows the machine to be set up as economical and energy efficient for all possible processes.
• Multilingual timer • Easy programming by simple question / answer prompts that appear on the screen. The large screen has the possibility to display pictograms and different fonts, for example Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, Korean etc.
• For maintenance and repair situation, the Graphitronic® has an incorporated self diagnostic system, which displays and highlights errors. This function, guarantees you fast and efficient problem diagnosis.
• The Graphitronic® also has a remote access feature that allows communication from another location called Trace-Tech®. Ideal for changing program parameters and monitoring purposes!
• Another recent addition is the OptiLoad® system. This integrated wash load “weighing system” works by means of calculating required water, detergents and energy based on weight and fabric type, thus reducing running costs.